giovedì 17 giugno 2010

Khand is Dead...

Yep. Reason is that I don't feel linked anymore to that name and those topics. I mean, the passion for Tolkien and this kind of stuff is for sure an important part of my past but not of my present, not to mention my future! Also, my last promo cd-r did'nt any kind of interest by any of the record labels I sent it to, but that's fine as probably the time for this kind of stuff is finished, and now it's time to make something a little bit more personal and original. So that's not the end of my "activity" in the metal scene ( yeah sounds awkward but you know what I mean! ) and all the material i've collected in these last months won't be wasted. You'll soon have some news about me but this time I'll let the music speak first as since I opened this blog nothing really interesting came out of my computer musically speaking, just words..


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